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So lets talk about the seen and unseen reality for just a moment.  We know that our visual eyes take in a very narrow spectrum of light and we know this Earth and planet got here somehow not of our own doing so obviously there are unseen forces at work in this world.  And I’m here to testify that with a little intuition and a mind open to such possibilities the magic will be recognized by ourselves as the observers with the magic manifesting into the seen world with greater and greater frequency until its a daily occurrence and your consciousness is raised and your journey through life that much more fulfilling.  In other words there is no such thing as a coincidence.  In light of that unseen world manifesting itself into the seen reality the infinite and finite commingle on this plane we call Earth.  How could it not be the Earth is here and so are we and we are not responsible consciously for either event.

Oddly enough in keeping with these manifestations I was escorted through my entire stay in the hospital by these magnificent creatures and symbols of Native American spirituality.  The attached photos are of the actual hawks that perched outside my window for my entire stay.  The photos don’t do them justice they were within six feet of our window perched atop a huge pine tree. Two at a time in some instance it was like being in an aviary.  Their flights and landings were frequent swoops by my window at first amazing and then common place.  They sometimes sat two on that branch and bobbed up and down in the wind and under their own weight.  I told my wife I was being watched like a hawk.  One nurse said she had been working at Duke twelve years and never saw anything like it and another said he had never seen wildlife like that at all.  Others shrieked as they would swoop into the window talons first only to thud loudly and fly off.  Each morning they arrived and circled, stayed for a very long time and moved off briefly and then returning again flying off and then returning in the afternoon for more flight and curiosity.  My wife sat in a recliner in front of the window reading her magazine keeping me the patient company and a hawk would be perched over head as if sitting on top of her.  And then on discharge day they were gone.

No matter what you are going through have faith there is more to life than meets the eye but then again if you are open to it – it is all right there to see – rejoice!

When we went back several weeks later to have the stitches removed there was a hawk (one of these guys) sitting right outside our hotel window……flapped its wings over my wife’s head to get her attention as she stood right underneath its tree.  Phenomenal!



The reason the “she lied about having Native blood” story doesn’t stick with independents, moderates and progressives is that such an accomplished woman wouldn’t have to manipulate an application to get into college.  Now it might stick with less accomplished people who routinely pull shenanigans to gain advantage in even the most minor of situations, to get ahead, slide in on a commission the didn’t really earn, borrow money, never pay it back, con, steal, cheat the wife, back stab for a new position at the office, or run a toll booth. But to the independents and moderates its entirely plausible that her grand parents passed down a story and perfectly natural that she not only believed it but was proud of it and isn’t that just like the rest of us so in fact its kind of charming whether true or not.  Plus there is also a steamy forbidden love angle at the heart of it all and that resonates positively with a lot of romantics out there.  Its actually heart warming and I hope its true and realize its of absolute no significance if grandma was embellishing or repeating an old story she heard and of no significance if a twenty something Elizabeth Warren was proud of that story.

At the end of the day serious people concerned about serious policy don’t believe it makes a bit of difference as her overall character is impeccable, her resume is outstanding, her track record is one of accomplishment, and that she is a voice standing up to the most powerful in Congress the well funded Wall Streeters.

Most people who understand the advance calculations of derivatives and the wall street computerized algorithms and models are usually offered a ton of money to come work for wall street. If regulators can understand the advance calculus that Wall Street uses to make money when bubbles burst and the rest of us loose they are offered big, big money to come work for Wall Street instead of the significantly lower paid positions at the SEC. The same offers were most likely made to Mrs. Warren but apparently she refused to sell out. That’s why Wall street dumped so much money Scott Browns way because he’ll do or say anything for money.  Are people still falling for that cream puff model turned regular guy in a truck motif?

In any event the smear campaign against her will continue as long as she is a threat to those so lavishly working the system for their own personal gain. In fact the more they smear the better job the rest of us know she is doing.

There is a Country to run and Wall Street is out numbered by Main Street in more ways than one. Its long past due to balance the playing field. With Corporations only contributing 9% to the revenue stream of the Federal Government and you and I and main street providing the rest its time for Corporate America to ante up and act like they are a part of this Country not above it because they are multi trans nationals who pay their CEO’s gobs of money instead of paying their taxes.  Its actually pretty shameful on its face then add on top they came crying to the rest of us for the bailouts and its just plain criminal.

For the record her great great great grandmother is Cherokee. O.C. Sarah Smith and listed on an electronic transcript of a 1894 marriage application as Cherokee.  I for one hope some of the more honorable Native American sensibilities inform her thinking.

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