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I can’t stress how important facts are – facts derived from vigorous research, and the ability to replicate that research. People can believe what they want to “believe” but the natural world works on science and if we don’t understand it we can not adapt or make rational decisions. Too often our policy makers legislate ideology disregarding practical reality. Abortion is a prime example. Make abortions illegal all you want but people will still need them for a myriad of reasons. Abortions aren’t going away no matter how hard we wish them to so we need to legislate that if education is still not enough then safe medical care is not outlawed.

The environment is another area where science has to be the go to metric. Sea levels are rising and pollution is bad for our health. Once we get beyond the climate cover up by the polluting industries we can address and implement the changes necessary to preserve our billion dollar coastal economies. People come to the shore because the air is clean and you can swim in the water. If you change that our economy declines. Implementing a carbon tax will preserve jobs. Promoting roof top solar will create a multi generational boom in job creation. Moving away from a profit driven healthcare system will lower health care costs and increase productivity.

These are well established facts but money in politics has crippled our ability to govern practically for the macro-economy (another well established fact). We need true patriots willing to be brave and stand up and do the morally correct thing for the Country.

Paul Burke


Saw the ABB in V. Beach last night 5th row center – stood for two hours straight – massive air bass playing, head bopping and butane burning- I think I scared Oteil……..the sound down front was beautiful but could have brought Gregg’s key board up a bit more in the mix.  Fun crowd not too drunk lots of hand shaking, smiles and interaction with everyone around us.

They went old school to start the show which is what I was craving – That’s what love will make you do was a surprise  – I thought oh no as it started and then was singing, dancing and sweating before it was over – sounded great.  They were very faithful to the original licks on Blue Sky, Jessica and Southbound but of course blazed their own in the moment imprint when stretching it out.  Lots and lots of energy.  The array of drums practically in our lap was huge and I was way into the drum break which is unusual for me!  Into the Mystic was extremely heartfelt and on point a beautiful rendition that had me mesmerized – Warren brought out a sweet new guitar for that number – the tone was excellent the mood was achieved.  And Grace Potter – well hells bells the chick sounded just like Bonnie Bramblet – I thought – no wonder these guys like her – she shimmied in front of Gregg at one point and well that was the biggest smile I’ve ever seen from him – I was happy to catch that moment.  Great rendition of The Weight reminded me exactly of Duane’s version with Aretha Franklin thanks to Derek and the time signature of the band really special they nailed it.  Grace has some pipes on her.  That was so fun!

Here’s a set list I found looks mostly right to me might be missing a song around Statesboro Blues.  They also teased out a little Mountain Jam during Jessica.  Lots of veterans and service boys in the crowd as well who were pumped to see their Allman Brother Band – a very good show, lots of energy – the sound was excellent did not use ear plugs – no ringing – awesome weather beautiful night surrounded by loved ones – what more could you ask for!

Don’t Want You No More >
It’s Not My Cross to Bear
Statesboro Blues
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
That’s What Love Will Make You Do
Midnight Rider >
Les Brers in A Minor
Blue Sky
Who to Believe
The Weight (w/ Grace Potter)
Done Somebody Wrong
One Way Out (w/ drums)

Into the Mystic*

Condoms save money: “Publicly funded family planning services saved the government a total of $10.5 billion in 2010 and prevented 760,000 abortions, according to a new study released on Tuesday. The report, conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health think tank, found that every dollar the government spent to fund contraceptive services in 2010 saved taxpayers $5.68. A total of 8.9 million women received publicly supported contraceptive services that year through either the Title X federal family planning program or through Medicaid assistance, and 1.1 million unplanned births were prevented.

On a planet with limited resources that is good news – remember god (whatever you conceive that to be) gave us free will and the power to think.  Blindly giving birth because it is something viewed as sacred by some is not what the creator (whatever you conceive it to be or not) had in store for us or we wouldn’t have the power to think.  I think therefore I am.  However why the reason the end result is that we have free will and the power to think.  Blindly going through the motions and not assessing the situation or our surroundings is most likely the blasphemy and its certainly not thinking.

So here’s the News Flash:  You do not have to have an abortion if you don’t want one. If you need one or want one a safe one is available. The theocracy branch of the republican party wants to change that.

News Flash Part Two:  There will always be a demand for abortions for a variety of reasons. Including the fact that there are over 9 billion people on a planet with limited resources.

So the question is do we want our wives and daughters to have access to safe abortions or not?

The theocracy branch of the republican party and those that pay lip service to them do not want our wives and daughters to have safe access to abortions thus punishing their wives and daughters for getting pregnant which is something a billion years worth of evolution has designed them to do.

In addition to that the theocracy side of the republican party and those that pay them lip service do not want to educate our wives and daughters about safe ways of preventing pregnancy even though they are vehemently and fanatically obsessed and opposed to abortion.

Not thinking is the blasphemy.

Here’s the Second amendment exactly as it appears in the Bill of Rights.  No punctuation has been added or changed, no words deleted this is what it says exactly including which letters are capitalized and where the period is placed:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  Adopted December 15, 1791.

Gun advocates routinely disregard and ignore the context of the clause and the first thirteen words?  They are wrong to do so.  Beginning with the capital “A” and ending with the period after the word infringed the clause is to be understood in its entirety.

Arms in the context of the time of 1791 are muskets and pistols and the Founders were talking about the security of a free state by forming “well regulated” militias.

The word regulation is not limited in anyway except to the extent that outlawing the undefined word “arms” is not allowed.  The definition of what those arms are is entirely up to the present day citizens to define and the clause itself gives us the authority to regulate them.

The gun manufacture billionaires making up the Board of the NRA don’t want us to read the whole amendment.  Profit over people.  Until we get our priorities right we are going to continue to fail our children.

In my opinion religion came about and evolved as the first “government” a way to codify behavior so we could all be neighbors peacefully and in good health.  Can’t have the serfs or dictators defecating in the well water so lets make it an evil abomination to do so and cast aspersions on those that would unwittingly or knowingly do it and “cast them out” (of town).  That’s the good stuff I’m all for it as a grasp to living sustainably and peacefully side by side.  Not burning people at the stake or feeding them to the lions but getting them to abide by the rules necessary for our collective survival and prosperity.  (i.e., not hiding your taxes in offshore accounts)

Also codifying rules and regulations as a religion cemented and consolidated power by the clerics, shamans, soothsayers, wealthy and leaders charismatic or otherwise of the day giving them an assumed authority that mankind being all too human more often than not does not know how to handle.  That’s the bad stuff abuse of power entrusted to them by the masses.

Hindsight being what it is 20/20 there are some bizarre “rules and regulations” in those old religious books of laws and no one if they take the time to learn what is actually in the bible or other religious text and realizing how many times they have been translated, watered down, altered and edited from the original should take them literally.

As an example Leviticus in the bible gets into the minutia of not planting two different crops in one field or wearing two different types of garments made with different threads and those are not just isolated incidents.  Who knows why that was important to the groups survival or economic system back when it was written. I also know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean.  Clearly someone was concerned with the spread of disease and rightly so.  Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight.  Now that’s just mean.

We don’t need old, ancient religions, their books, their buildings, or their trappings of costumes, hats, ceremonies, and certainly their power struggles, wars, bloodshed and manipulations of populations with misguided rules and regulations from an ancient time, written when circumstances were different.  They are like an outdated map often leading us down the wrong roads.

At the end of the day we have all been given consciousness and a conscience.  It’s there that the difference between right and wrong originally resided before anyone tried writing anything down and before the skill of writing had even evolved.

Before anyone could write the first words there had to be a conscious realization of those words.  The truth, what is right and what is wrong still resides there in its original spot within our minds and being.  You do not need a religion, a building, a costume, a ceremony to access it just be still, pause, think, contemplate, take a walk and trust yourself.  How would you like to be treated that’s the way to treat others simple, and eternal.

Truth resides, survives and thrives no matter how long we try to suppress it, ignore it or deny it and truth eventually comes to fruition for the individual and society. If our global leaders would just stop trying to mind manipulate or literally brainwash us all and do the right thing, take care of those in need, stand up to and surround evil instead of desperately trying to cling to and manipulate the masses for power, wealth, and prestige then our planet and our collective way of life would become sustainable and peaceful.

Dangerous ideas I know but our species either survives or self destructs and goes extinct on the very core of their existence and manifestation.

If everyone and I mean EVERYONE kept conscious of the fact that we are perilously surrounded by an uninhabitable, airless, waterless beast of a universe and that all that separates us from certain death is a ridiculously thin layer of atmosphere and a few drops of water maybe just maybe we wouldn’t screw the whole damn thing up for what money, power – utter bullshit in the face of actual reality and the need to survive together on such a tiny and exceedingly beautiful splinter of a rock, speck of dust in space

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