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I can’t stress how important facts are – facts derived from vigorous research, and the ability to replicate that research. People can believe what they want to “believe” but the natural world works on science and if we don’t understand it we can not adapt or make rational decisions. Too often our policy makers legislate ideology disregarding practical reality. Abortion is a prime example. Make abortions illegal all you want but people will still need them for a myriad of reasons. Abortions aren’t going away no matter how hard we wish them to so we need to legislate that if education is still not enough then safe medical care is not outlawed.

The environment is another area where science has to be the go to metric. Sea levels are rising and pollution is bad for our health. Once we get beyond the climate cover up by the polluting industries we can address and implement the changes necessary to preserve our billion dollar coastal economies. People come to the shore because the air is clean and you can swim in the water. If you change that our economy declines. Implementing a carbon tax will preserve jobs. Promoting roof top solar will create a multi generational boom in job creation. Moving away from a profit driven healthcare system will lower health care costs and increase productivity.

These are well established facts but money in politics has crippled our ability to govern practically for the macro-economy (another well established fact). We need true patriots willing to be brave and stand up and do the morally correct thing for the Country.

Paul Burke


I used to write, implore and pontificate about ignoring the little D or R after a candidates name and challenged people to vote for the most qualified candidate regardless of party affiliation.  A pragmatist and moderate that could negotiate, compromise and get things done is my kind of politician.  I advocated this belief system from 1972 to 2008.

I felt as I do now that we need to govern this Country from a practical point of view.  For instance people will always seek out abortions whether legal or not.  So our choices are to let women die in back alleys using hangers because we are intolerant of any other beliefs or circumstances than our own or if one of our loved ones is in a jam and needs an abortion for whatever reason (no one “wants” an abortion) then she should have access to that medical procedure, safely, privately between her own doctor and conscience.  That’s it – period.

We can’t legislate morality.  Remember prohibition and the murdering gangsters?  Not unlike the Cocaine Cowboys that shot up Miami and the gangs blasting up Mexico right now TODAY if marijuana was legal it would be out in the light of day.  There we could manage it much like we manage and treat alcohol.

Moderates used to come in all sizes and shapes but now there are no more moderates in the Republican Party.  Regardless of what their latest beliefs are they can not govern without moderates.  Because without moderates you just have ideologues and because ideologues govern from a strict doctrine they are more suitable for a religion than governing.

Ideologues no matter what their ideals make horrible leaders turning to Fascism and Totalitarianism right before our eyes as they seek to inflict their will on everyone else.  In case you have not noticed and you shouldn’t let it scare you this is not a one size fits all world.  The diversity is what makes it interesting and fun.  The economy absolutely depends upon it and the richness of our life that surrounds us from the environment we find ourselves born into and to the man made creations of art, literature, music and community depend on that diversity.

In fact our very health depends on our diversity otherwise we breed ourselves right into extinction.  That’s why you are not allowed to marry your cousin.

The Democratic Party for better or worse is the home of diversity and the Republican Party the home of some sort of twisted theocracy that proclaims Jesus and Christianity but ignores that religions tenants and seeks to impose an arcane vision of intolerance and repression onto all of us as if what’s different about us scares them to death.

Talk about a slippery slop the Republicans are just steps away from outlawing our right to assemble, tossing people from hearings, our right to free speech, and eliminating our right to self determination.  The end result is total and complete gridlock in Congress.

They have taken an oath against taxes the same taxes that pave our roads, build our cities, schools, and universities, fund our research and science and military.  Some how they have decided that government is bad.  As if to assemble peacefully and govern for the good of the whole Country is an evil.

They are wrong of course governments aren’t bad people are bad and unyielding bullies are the worst.  They certainly make poor leaders but excellent war lords and dictators.

So until the Republicans wake up and realize what it takes to govern successfully for the whole of the country, and not just the pursuit of their own riches and careers I am voting Democratic for EVERYTHING.

Every position that comes up the Democratic man or woman will get my vote.  From dog catcher to President and all Senators and Congressmen in between.

We have to restart the Country and the only way to get anything accomplished is to give the Democratic Party a filibuster proof majority.  Then we can move forward.  If not the ideologues who all reside in the Republican party will block and impede all progress until they get their way….much like spoiled children who do not realize, appreciate, or care that there are other people in the room.


Everyone knows its just pageantry.  The television ratings are at an all time low.  The only people watching are those that are vehemently opposed to a liberal heart.  The American Public knows better that’s why the so called bump being talked about ad nauseam by the pundits and press is almost non existent as we are inundated with “advertising”.

Just as lame as buy a phone, buy a car, take a loan and the pharmaceutical commercials the old tired tricks are trotted out.  Really does anybody buy into the shock and awe flashing, distorted media and domesday music.  Who says wow what a great commercial I’m voting for that guy?

When a commercial, any commercial comes on I hit the mute button immediately and flip back over to another station, movie or weather just to avoid the pathetically crass advertising.  Does anybody sit passively through the commercials?  When watching television you need to be extremely selective.

People tune out on politics not because they are stupid but because they have a life, they know advertising is complete and utter bullshit and that politics is just a struggle for power and the possession of the fatted calf of our tax dollars.

An informed vote not one based on emotion is a choice between the haves and the have nots like clean energy vs the hyper profitable monopolies of coal, oil and nuclear power, money mangers vs the largess of the huge unorganized, docile middle class, education and opportunity vs the I’ve got mine gated communities, health and prosperity for all vs. health and enormous prosperity, and ever growing wealth for the very, very few.

Here’s my hope;  more than the environment, the wars, jobs, safe food, education, clean energy, and the reduction of man made chemicals I pray to heaven on Earth that all these billionaires pouring money into the campaign vying for power, influence and the stopping of investigations loose and loose big.

I hope beyond hope for Americas sake that it takes more than money flooding in like rains from Isaac, redistricting and vanishing voting machines to steal elections and cake walk a selfish agenda past America treating her and the public like rubes.  It was a huge mistake by the Supreme Court to allow themselves to be puppets of party politics, and a monstrous set back for America not having a President Gore.

A Message To The World

One week left! Thank you Egypt, Jordan, Ireland, Portugal, Cambodia, Greece, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Brazil Canada, Germany and 32 states for posting events so far! It is time to say NO to filthy fuels and YES to clean energy. It is time to draw a line in the sand, on the land, around our capitols with the powerful image of people joining hands in solidarity to say NO more drilling off our shores! Thousands of people will be joining hands around the globe on August 4th, 2012 at noon in your timezone. Click on your state to see where there are events or click on “Join Hands” on our web page and post an event.

via Hands Across the Sand | A worldwide gathering of people dedicated to a clean energy future and ending our dependence on filthy fuels.

I’ve owned businesses you want to lower your overhead as far as possible.  Doesn’t the wind blow in the mountains doesn’t the sun shine there as well?  The status quo is wedded to a hundred year old technology and will continue to make money on it unless new technologies are developed.

The problem is that their dirty technology is not only giving people cancer but giving people asthma downwind.  That affects our national bottom line/productivity and inflates our health care cost as well as the acidification of the oceans killing our food chain.

It is the exact role and purpose of government to manage and mitigate our national economy when its not working for everyone – why you may ask – because that’s the difference between a civilized nation and Somalia or Syria and don’t doubt that for a second.

If you were a patriot you would care about your country and your neighbors.

You live in a fantasy world if you think deregulation means anything other than unlawful behavior.

Our corporate CEO’s aren’t benevolent Christians bestowing generosity upon us – they are business men plain and simple focused on their own bottom line.

We would get nothing not one residual penny from them for our labor and resources if they could arrange it so and they never stop trying to arrange it that way 24/7.

Like it or not the democratic party is the only friend you have unless your net worth is a billion a year.  And you better wise up to that pretty fast.

For the record the Obama-Gore vision is the vision of the majority of the people but for the republican obstructionist representing the old ways we would be well on our way to achieving that vision.  But some so called patriots prefer giving our tax dollars away in the form of “subsidies” to the already profitable oil industry.  That’s just plain mismanagement and something for real to be mad at the government  about.

Despite concerted efforts by the dirty energy sector and their minions bought and paid for in Congress not only willingly but desperately bending over backwards to show loyalty in a contest of no wait I’m the biggest whore give me your money solar energy development and clean energy continues its march of inevitability.  Clean energy is the future and the future is now.  Create some jobs congress stop protecting the national security risky and health destroying dirty energy sector and do your jobs.  Its called governing.  Leave the profit whoring to unregulated Wall Street.

Here”s Your Solar World Round Up Spring 2012

Goldman Investment Shines Light on Solar Power
It’s a simple acknowledgment that Goldman sees big profits in solar, wind and biomass power, not to mention the cheapest renewable energy of all, conservation. The University of Chicago has a new cell-making process that’s as simple as soaking a

Solar energy industry is flourishing in Mass.
Boston Globe
But that isn’t stopping the solar energy industry from flourishing here. Massachusetts, better known for long, cold winters, gloomy springs, and gale-driven nor’easters, is undergoing an unlikely solar power boom, attracting solar companies from around
Germany sets new solar power record
Independent Online
By Erik Kirschbaum A factory site of German solar power equipment company Q-Cells is pictured near Bitterfeld. Berlin – German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour – equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full

UK powered up £7bn of green energy investments in 2011
Business Green
The news came a week after the government launched its draft Energy Bill which included plans to replace the current renewables subsidy scheme with new contracts for difference that would guarantee low carbon energy generators a set price for the power

New laws in Maryland could spell major success for solar energy
Hydrogen Fuel News
By Stephen Vagus This week in Maryland, Governor Martin O’Malley enacted two new laws that is expected to bring significant growth to the solar energy industry. The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard for Solar Energy and the Solar Water Heating
Chevron May Use Solar in Oilfield Shared by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
(CVX) is considering using solar energy to produce the steam needed to pump heavy crude from an oilfield straddling Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Chevron may start a pilot solar plant at the end of 2013, Hashim al-Rifaai, chairman and managing director of
Unirac and Bella Energy Complete Milestone Solar Project on Salt Palace …
MarketWatch (press release)
ALBUQUERQUE, NM, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Unirac, Inc., a Hilti Group Company and North America’s leading provider of infrastructure for solar power systems, was selected by Bella Energy, a nationwide commercial solar developer and

Solar Energy Financing on Brink of Transformation; Obama Iowa Wind Power
“US solar projects have historically been bankrolled by some combination of energy sector players, banks, and the federal government, but the landscape is rapidly changing. New business models are emerging with an emphasis on third-party financing.

Solar power in MENA
Masdar Power is leading renewable energy development and currently constructing a 100 MW Concentrating Solar Power facility, Shams 1, in Abu Dhabi, which is set to be completed by the end of the year.

Aiding the search for solar energy storage catalysts (blog)
Eons ago, nature solved the problem of converting solar energy to fuels by inventing the process of photosynthesis. Plants convert sunlight to chemical energy in the form of biomass, while releasing oxygen as an environmentally benign byproduct.

Let me see if I get the arch defenders of oil subsidies and the haters of the President right.  We aren’t supposed to do any R&D in alternative clean energy because……we want to be beholden to foreign countries, because its not a national security issue, because pollution is healthy for us, because…..the status quo makes money when we drill until the very last drop comes out of our sovereign territory.  Okay good for those few people.

In the meantime we destroy our coasts, food supply and billion dollar tourist and fishing industry and never affect the international spot market while the commodity traders bid up the price of oil when economic signs are good.  We create a few jobs maybe in the hundreds with a few more platforms 15 guys a platform and aren’t we smart.

Or we could build electric cars, install solar panels everywhere, retrofit every building, install wind turbines, wave generators, geothermal and invest heavily in our national infrastructure with mass transit creating millions upon millions of jobs generating a dynamic surplus.  And plow that surplus back into education to create the best work force in the world. Sounds like a terrible idea.

But no the politicians want dumb people to manipulate with false advertising. Don’t think for yourself just follow. Resistance is futile assimilation is necessary.

Who would want to do an all the above energy strategy it’s obviously favoring one side over the other. We might sell less oil but who would care about that the guys selling the oil paying to elect politicians…nah they’re not desperately trying to protect their 100 year old last century business model going the way of Kodak?

I agree with the entrenched just say no, bigoted and scared. We should just curl up in the fetal position not try anything new at all and let the extraction companies do what they want.  They won’t try and circumvent the system for personal gain or run rough shod over us. Hey as long as .0075 percent of the people are getting hyper rich I’m all for it the heck with old people, the sick and disabled. Let em rot in the street.

They failed at being the rugged individual.  It’s the American way. That good ol’ American mindset big fat business man blowhard act is just like a cowboy movie.  Acting and its severely sociopathic.  In the end macroeconomics -reality- has to be dealt with.  The truth will out and the crooks, chicken hawks and pigs at the trough cry like babies. Wah, wah where’s my easy answer I’m scared of change, learning or doing anything new. LOL – some tough guys! Here comes the future….Boo!

Journey Home – Paul Burke

The Earth Orbit

Our Earth is a living breathing organism not a dead rock that we just happen to be on.  Humans are a part of the natural process just as plugged in as the ocean breezes and the passing clouds.  We have evolved out of that natural process you see before you.  Every decisions we make whether its tossing a cigarette butt on the ground or ignoring industrial/commercial pollution degrades that system and degrades us.  Every breath you take is like that planet spinning you see before you.
Let’s look at some hindsight and look at 100 years ago or even 50 years ago.  Heck I remember the 1970’s Outer Banks and looking back well the growth has been enormous.  Have you tried getting over that bridge on a Friday?  And hurricanes keep wiping highway 12 out maybe that should give everyone pause to think about where we live.   At some point we have to self regulate and understand we need the environment more than it needs us.  And that we need the real outer banks the natural outer banks to grow, thrive and flourish.

Long line fishing, herbicide and oil run off we pollute and deplete the very thing that sustains us but you can’t eat money.  If you are going to buy into the market system and not be a subsistence farmer/fisherman then you have to adapt to the boom and bust cycle of the market place and mom and pops go in and out of business.

Better regulation would smooth the transition for the mom and pops affected by environmental foresight.  But real bullies controlling Capitol Hill don’t value helping anybody but themselves.  Face it we are all sort of like that.  But if you care about the mom and pops that go out of business as we recalibrate our awareness as to the necessity of sustainability and a healthy environment then vote democrat across the board no matter where you live.  That way the mom and pops can get the assistance they need to transition to a new plan, further education or skill training.  The powers that be helped transition Goldman Sachs and AIG but they don’t have dime one to spare for the bait shop owner.  Those are your bullies.

Do you know how many career changes the average person goes through in current economic system?  Ten!  That a mom and pop has hung on for decades perhaps over expanding, perhaps never changing their business model, perhaps not even having a plan other than hanging a shingle out while the outer banks explodes with development isn’t much of a sob story admittedly especially in the face of the greater global good.  But I am sorry for them and that their world has been encroached upon – really I am – who wouldn’t want to have a little bait shop that earned you 100K clear?  Maybe the mom and pops should try kayak tours, real estate, insurance or get a medical degree?

Environmentalists think long term and big picture they aren’t bullies or zealots they are people who care and have the foresight to worry about long term sustainability over development.  The environment that feeds us and keeps us healthy is an intricate design each part of it working in harmony to grow but in walks man clear cutting it all to pieces as fast as he can for short term profit and cheap thrills.

Without governance seeing the big picture and managing the markets we would all be the victims of self immolation except there wouldn’t be any point to it other than sheer stupidity, shortsightedness, and greed.

If I was on City Council down in the Outer Banks I would be in favor of preserving the environment and long term sustainability – would request federal funds since that stance is in everyone’s best interest, and help those 20 odd businesses currently affected by new environmental regulations transition to a new line of work, and or relocation.

In order to sustain the growth in human population 7 billion and counting we need to sustain and enable the growth in the natural world that actually feeds us and drives or economic machine.

Being able to four wheel around now off line beach areas burning fossil fuel for kicks or being able to carry everything in your garage to the beach would not and should not be a governmental concern.

That all may be fun and convenient and direct a few dollars in a certain way but we can no longer ignore or be lackadaisical about our hugely negative impact on our environment, health and well being.  Natural resources are the building blocks of – everything – in the market place.  We need to grow, preserve and protect our natural resources through time tested natural processes at a much greater rate then we are depleting them.


The democracy that we have right now needs to be strengthened because it is not democracy it is a corrupt republic. Keep your eye on practical reality when you skew off into ideology whether cloaked in religion or the verbiage of politics you miss the point.

Corruption and the lack of accountability, the absence of a level playing field, and the rules already on the books not being enforced or being tenaciously done away with is what Occupy Wall Street is all about. In fact I draw the conclusion Occupy Wall Street is a strengthening of democracy in our Republic by the exercising of the right to assembly, the right of free speech and the right of petition.

Who was the last President to invoke the Sherman Anti-Trust Act – why was Glass Stegal overturned? Why is our so called democracy trying to eliminate class action law suits? Why isn’t medicare for all law because the status quo wants more and more of our tax dollars for their own private accounts. That’s why there is this decades long push to “privatize” everything. The for profit motive is not a panacea for all of our problems and in fact is at the root of many of them.

Practical reality teaches us that Washington D.C. is just a huge bucket of tax dollars getting re-allocated. There’s plenty of money but how it is allocated is the question. Lately the bucket has been drained and the money siphoned off to individual accounts – its not being re-invested back into the Country its being hoarded in individual accounts. We have to re-invest in America that means the people through education, health, and infrastructure. But we truly have pigs at the trough with little to no accountability.

The system is a broken feeding frenzy by the richest corporate powers who are so busy trying to corner their individual markets that they have crippled the macro demand side of the economic equation (supply and DEMAND) and weakened all the worker bees muscle.

Homes get seized, disposable income – the grease to our economic wheel – dries up. Graduates are saddled with debt and can’t go out on their own (buy homes, cars or even rent). Without the rest of us (99%) carrying the water the macro economy crumbles and the tangible results are everyone who was encouraged to buy into the capitalist system are just indentured servants to the banks.

Taking to the streets is the only way to get the corporate minions (politicians) to actually do something for the 99% of us WITHOUT representation. Why? Because just like back in the days of Nixon when he looked out his window what did he see – not only draft dodgers, and hippies, and pacifists with acoustic guitars who he tried to denigrate in an effort to kill the message by invalidating the messenger, but hundreds of thousands of people representing millions of motivated VOTERS who weren’t going away until the changes they wanted were met.

So the politicians can either flip flop from appeasing those who finance their campaigns to appeasing the people who pull the levers at the voting booth.

They can save their own skin (which is what they do best) and follow the will of the majority, or loose at the polls to those who represent the middle class, main street, livable wages, good working conditions, not for profit health care, the revision of corporate person-hood, the reinstatement of glass stegal, and enforcing and strengthening the laws and regulations that keep everyone honest and create jobs.

That’s the only way capitalism can work and the 99% for whom capitalism isn’t working for right now – know this. Its just a shame that we have to take to the streets and non-violent protesters have to get beaten and arrested for the powers that be to wake up and go oopps.

We better make sure the economy works for all and know that employees are our partners not our enemies. We shouldn’t cheat them, marginalize them, give them cancer, or destroy their neighborhoods and we need to put back into the system what we take out. It’s simple, its basic, its practical and its been lost sight of……..Too bad our so called Captains of Industry aren’t the geniuses they think they are. Lost in the minutia of gaming the system, power tripping they have wrecked it even for themselves.

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“Phenomenal on so many levels...tremendous!”

Journey Home Reviews

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I randomly stumbled upon this book online and it looked intriguing. Little did I know that it was more than just a curious cover...a wonderful picture of nature and a nice mindset of our place within it. I recommend the hell out of it!" -- Jonny Bear
Paul, I got Journey Home sent to my house and eagerly devoured it on a trip to New York and back via a long delay courtesy Delta Airlines. You proved to be a great companion... YOU ROCK -- Ken
I just finished reading Journey Home and I can't tell you how bowled over I am. It is so insightful and powerful and it emanates such wonderment of reality. It is Phenomenal on so many levels...tremendous! -- Aimee'
When I first started reading Journey Home I couldn’t put it down! Each person and situation became vivid in my mind. I could feel the book. It became one with me and the sounds ... here on Big River. The unexpected twists and turns, continued to peak my interest, and the first night I read till I could see no more. Then, as I awoke I read till I was done. A book of this quality is an Amazing Gift for all to read and Understand!!!! -- Dusty



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