Journey Home is the story of Danny and his band giving it one more try as they venture through Florida and Louisiana looking for a steady gig and something to eat.  Their travels take them from an old brothel on the back bay in Florida through Mississippi straight into the heart of New Orleans.   Burke takes us to a town that is a microcosm of the modern society we have created. It is a world fraught with crimes, indifference, and cynicism.  Journey Home will inspire and challenge every human being about the world we have built for ourselves.

Paul Burke has a long and rich background in the visual arts, broadcasting, music and theater.  He has been creating in one medium or another for over thirty years.  He spent ten of those years as a leading contributor to WLFR, a public radio station he helped to start, guide and define.  He championed and interviewed individual artists such as Doc Watson, Tom Rush, Rory Block, and Arlo Guthrie.  His show was dedicated to non-commercial artists and environmental causes.  Through WLFR, grass roots organizations were able to express their civic concerns stopping a trash incinerator in an ecologically sensitive waterway in one instance, and moving a manufacturer to recycle in another.

Journey Home is a result of the thirty plus years Paul Burke has spent in the world of audio and visual arts, performing at small venues, touring with a national theater group, and championing environmental activism.