Hey America and the World wake up we still have Steve Forbert.  In Hollywood’s lust for the next big thing as Disney churns out more teen sensations that obliterate themselves once they hit twenty one, with cheap reality shows spitting out across the globe wannabes, and has beens trying for that last little glimmer of fame or first fast food commercial there is integrity, talent, fun and genius going on about its business waiting for nothing but you to notice and if you don’t so what.I’m talking about Steve Forbert of Romeo’s Tune fame which reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1980.  Your parents heard it on the radio…a lot.  A musician who took on the record companies when they refused to release an album of his and put his career on hold because of the way the contract was written and the fight that ensued.  Its an old story that never sees the light of day and of course the artist isn’t to blame…..just his management and then well growing up takes place, perspectives change and square one is revisited and lo and behold we have Steve Forbert back.

Thank god we have Steve Forbert back.  In this day and age we need all the hope we can wrap our arms around. There’s hope in his personal story let alone his music and talent that spins fresh and turns with so much essence of what is that it will refresh your very own roots of experience and realization with a touch of the sanguine and truth affirmed.

I first saw Steve in 1986 he opened for Arlo Guthrie and while I respected his obvious song writing skill I hadn’t been hooked yet and then I saw his show.  I was hooked.  So I started my Steve Orbit journey that found me revisiting his music and digging and digging.  I knew there was something there if I just kept digging and now my cd collection and speakers are brimming with treasure I over looked, music that I thought would never be again an artist rediscovered who perhaps has rediscovered himself and we all go through this together and its sweet to have those deeper strings plucked.

Here’s what I’ve found out for my self.  I love his American in Me disc its where I would send anyone to start if they did not know Steve’s work….keep listening his voice will grow on you if not instantly.  Then go get his reissues of Jack Rabbit Slim and Little Stevie Orbit.  There is a ton of material on those albums and the songs range all over the musical spectrum but still hang together the bonus material takes up a whole additional disc and is never filler – you get live takes and its all thoughtfully put together.  Familiarize yourself with his music and then go see him live.  Take your girlfriend, boyfriend or go alone you’ll be glad you did.

With all the ridiculous bullshit we fill our lives up with (Kardashians, political stooges, war and putting the down trodden further down) Steve’s music will remind you and reinforce whats good, whats essential and lift you up even after singing about being put down.

Stronger lyric writing you don’t come across often if ever.  A strong sense of melody and what just sounds good with excellent transitions, bridges, hooks, chorus and verse whether singing alone or with backing vocals and a band Steve’s music is the unpretentious real deal and always has been the real deal.

So the question remains are you?