The problem is people think guns are cool.  But guns are decidedly uncool.  They are used in uncool situations (heated) moments – the very definition of what cool and uncool is – they are used to violently resolve disputes which is the historic height of being uncool.  They are props for posers who are ridiculously uncool.  Guns are not cool, killing is not cool, gun manufactures profiting off of death is uncool.  Blocking common sense gun laws is decidedly uncool.  Being drunk in the woods slaughtering animals leaving the dead carcasses behind is pathetically uncool, and a very uncool way to get your rocks off.  Poisoning the eagles with lead poisoning as they come to clean up your left behind carcass is uncool.  Being ignorant is uncool.  Guns are not cool. Falling for the sales pitch that guns are cool is uncool.  There’s nothing cool about it not the violence, not the manufactured fear, not the blood shed, not the faux patriotism of unreasonableness or diverting the conversation to racism to protect profits.

Guns are uncool, hatred is uncool, anger is uncool.

Too bad America is just a lot of angry impotent hot headed squares and not cool, really cool, down with the essentials, righteous, knowing how to act, literate, wise, mature, mellow, peaceful, strong, experienced and smart….cooooollll daddio, cool with soul, cool with enlightenment.

America is the lost hot headed ignorant, impotent, wannabe, child, crying tough, standing on a table screaming look at me, loud, noisy, angry, a clueless control freak piss-ant that nobody wants to hang out with…..totally and completely unaware, spewing hatred, ignorant of the facts, ignorant of truth, a ship of fools, self destructive and toxic, and just plain not cool.