Be very careful about what you wish for – right to work means outlawing unions, outlawing unions means the wallmarting of America. 

When there is a strong middle class with money to spare demand is created and jobs follow demand.  Pay everyone starvation wages and the economy crumbles.  Boehner went to India and Bangladesh and came home liking what he saw.  What did he see?  He saw a hugely well financed elite 1% living like kings and slave wage workers crammed into sweat shops earning a dollar a day living in slums with no concept of weekends off…holidays yeah right. 

Unions serve a purpose, unions gave you holidays, weekends off, healthcare and pensions.  Since Regan the CEO’s have been trying to rid themselves of those pension obligations.  The only honorable thing to do is honor the pensions, grandfather the law and move everyone into 401ks.


BUT if you do that you have to regulate Wall Street and reinstate Glass Stegal because the power elite the guys with the gold who make the rules play fast and loose with other peoples money.  The game is to fleece the middle class with EVERYONE taking a bite out of us – make an allegedly indispensable product (phone, cable, gasoline) and then raise the price every year. 

Greed is what turned Wall Street into a mess, greed crippled our economy.  Unions, lawyers and politicians are our only recourse to corporate greed and the criminals who rob you with a fountain pen.  The large print giveth the small print taketh away.  Why do you think all those representing the Koch Brothers of the world continue to advertise, promote, and scream that lawyers, unions and government are YOUR enemy.  Because in reality they are your ONLY recourse. 

Funny thing is the corporate power elite will starve the macro-economy of its disposable income and ruin their own markets.  The markets which are 70% driven by consumer spending.   So goodbye unions, hello tort reform, goodbye collective bargaining, good bye government and goodbye middle class. 

We’ll be left with only the hyper wealthy 1% and the 99% poor beyond poor wage slaves.  Funny thing is one of the wealthiest manufacturers are the gun makers so the power elite is starving us and whittling us down to an uneducated, non-influential, too poor, broke and tired to make a difference nothing distracted by booze, sports, religion and sex but also flooding the streets with weapons.  Well isn’t that just plain stupid?  The chickens always come home to roost and even the 1%ers army is outnumbered. 

I hope it doesn’t pan out that way but every time you do the 1%ers bidding we all march between that ultimate confrontation between the haves and the have nots. 

The haves would be wise to make sure the have nots aren’t destitute, dumb and easily manipulated.  Raise the minimum wage, turn our public schools into beacons of a well rounded education including civics, art and literature.  Keep their bloody hands off our solvent, secure social security, get obamacare installed as quickly as possible, cut the pentagons budget, lower our wage (payroll) tax that comes out of our gross pay, raise the social security cap so all income is treated equally, and tie CEO pay to a reasonable percentage above their lowest paid employee. 

The invisible hand of the market is a ghost.  It doesn’t exist, free markets do not exist, and championing free market is just another way of saying absentee management works.  Absentee management doesn’t work, never has and never will. 

We live in a world wide managed market system with a competing complex set of rules and trade agreements.  Our military keep shipping lanes safe, our tax dollars clean up industrial malfeasance, corruption and pollution.  There’s nothing heroic, or successful about dog eat dog.  We come together to build societies and promote a better world for ourselves.  Its a question of balance.    They want you poor, broke, uneducated, non-influential fighting each other and distracted.  Vote “your” pocket book not theirs.  Unless you are a thieving billionaire you should never vote republican.