The 1% have made it their daily mission to fleece the middle class of every cent they can. Middlemen and corporations everywhere are standing between you and your healthcare, your phone, your television, your car, your money, your internet, your power, banking fees, brokerage fees, ATM fees, phone fees, insurance companies, property tax, everybody is taking a piece of the action on the middle class. The middle class is the great fatted calf.

But that shift in concentration of wealth while all fun and games for those who can buy congress and design the tax laws to their favor are sinking the majority. Students are getting crushed by for profit schools, and the middlemen issuing loans.

Our tax dollars are being siphoned off and misdirected and hoarded. The powers that be squeeze the middle class harder and harder devising new schemes every day to fleece us don’t forget nursing homes and end of life care. But that leaves the middle class without enough capital to grow the markets.

Demand creates growth and jobs so the continual squeeze and downward trend of wages ends up hurting the national economy and making a whole lot of people desperate.

Those in power should be mighty careful about the unintended consequences of their internal game of whoever has the most toys wins. Number one its a stupid mindset without real fulfillment and number two the better at the game the 1% get the closer we all get in destroying the game altogether.