In my opinion religion came about and evolved as the first “government” a way to codify behavior so we could all be neighbors peacefully and in good health.  Can’t have the serfs or dictators defecating in the well water so lets make it an evil abomination to do so and cast aspersions on those that would unwittingly or knowingly do it and “cast them out” (of town).  That’s the good stuff I’m all for it as a grasp to living sustainably and peacefully side by side.  Not burning people at the stake or feeding them to the lions but getting them to abide by the rules necessary for our collective survival and prosperity.  (i.e., not hiding your taxes in offshore accounts)

Also codifying rules and regulations as a religion cemented and consolidated power by the clerics, shamans, soothsayers, wealthy and leaders charismatic or otherwise of the day giving them an assumed authority that mankind being all too human more often than not does not know how to handle.  That’s the bad stuff abuse of power entrusted to them by the masses.

Hindsight being what it is 20/20 there are some bizarre “rules and regulations” in those old religious books of laws and no one if they take the time to learn what is actually in the bible or other religious text and realizing how many times they have been translated, watered down, altered and edited from the original should take them literally.

As an example Leviticus in the bible gets into the minutia of not planting two different crops in one field or wearing two different types of garments made with different threads and those are not just isolated incidents.  Who knows why that was important to the groups survival or economic system back when it was written. I also know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean.  Clearly someone was concerned with the spread of disease and rightly so.  Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight.  Now that’s just mean.

We don’t need old, ancient religions, their books, their buildings, or their trappings of costumes, hats, ceremonies, and certainly their power struggles, wars, bloodshed and manipulations of populations with misguided rules and regulations from an ancient time, written when circumstances were different.  They are like an outdated map often leading us down the wrong roads.

At the end of the day we have all been given consciousness and a conscience.  It’s there that the difference between right and wrong originally resided before anyone tried writing anything down and before the skill of writing had even evolved.

Before anyone could write the first words there had to be a conscious realization of those words.  The truth, what is right and what is wrong still resides there in its original spot within our minds and being.  You do not need a religion, a building, a costume, a ceremony to access it just be still, pause, think, contemplate, take a walk and trust yourself.  How would you like to be treated that’s the way to treat others simple, and eternal.

Truth resides, survives and thrives no matter how long we try to suppress it, ignore it or deny it and truth eventually comes to fruition for the individual and society. If our global leaders would just stop trying to mind manipulate or literally brainwash us all and do the right thing, take care of those in need, stand up to and surround evil instead of desperately trying to cling to and manipulate the masses for power, wealth, and prestige then our planet and our collective way of life would become sustainable and peaceful.

Dangerous ideas I know but our species either survives or self destructs and goes extinct on the very core of their existence and manifestation.