The Problem:
First and foremost the wealthy two percent include a lot of Congressmen so right there we have a conflict of interest.  The unpatriotic among them do not want to see their own taxes go up.  The fix is simple and has been simple but politicians not wanting the so-called other side to look good have blocked legislation and abused the filibuster to stall the economy.  If the economy is slow or just barely growing during an election cycle they can run for election on the issue that the economy is doing meh.  Congress sees itself as two separate parties vying for power and control and those we have elected (some not all) put themselves first over the country and the people (regardless of what they say its how they act).  That coupled with two unfunded wars, medicare part D which also was unfunded and the Bush tax breaks make up the majority of the deficit.

The Solution:
End our two unfunded wars, close a few bases around the world (we have hundreds) fully implement ObamaCare, leave 98% of the tax break in place, trim back outdated and unwanted defense department contracts (unwanted by all except the beltway bandit contractors) – close a few tax loopholes that move money out of the national economy to the Caymans and Bermuda including moving manufacturing overseas to China and India, cancel subsidies to big oil, get rid of the cap on social security, and reinvest all those savings into infrastructure repair, energy upgrade, education…and never ever ever deregulate Wall Street again = Problem solved.