The Economic Recovery is Real – Bloomberg Financial Radio

The question the republi”cons” want to ask is are you better off – well under Clinton/Gore my 401k was growing, under Bush/Cheney my 401k was decimated beyond belief, under Obama/Biden my 401k is growing again.  I recaptured my losses and am now in the plus side.  So yes.  Historically the markets have always done better under democratic leadership.  The republi”cons” want to starve the government of cash and hoard that money off shore in their private accounts thus starving the Country of cash.  Their plan is for themselves – not for the Country and not for you and me!

Its simple really unemployment is down, GDP is up, home construction is up, building permits in the pipeline are up, durable good orders are up, retail sales are up, consumer confidence is up and “the recovery is real” – Bloomberg Financial Radio (very much a republican media outlet)