If the republicans, any republicans remain in congress, the house of representatives and the senate and if they win the executive branch as well this is what it will mean; your wages will go lower, unions will be outlawed, your healthcare expenses will go up, we will start a war with Iran, we’ll venture into Syria, medicare costs will go up for your parents and grand parents, they will privatize the social security insurance and charge you brokerage fees, our schools will crumble even farther, good jobs will go unfulfilled, manufacturing will be moved overseas, our billion dollar tourist industries along the coast will be ruined, small businesses will be crushed by Staples and Wallmart, the polar bears will go extinct, the wolves will be all slaughtered, they will bring back derivatives, deregulate wall street, abolish the Consumer Protection Agency, outlaw class action law suits, pollute our land, water, air and pass the cost to clean it up onto the tax payer, contaminate our food with pesticides, give us more cancer and charge us more to cure it, strap the small farmer, prevent you from voting, prevent you from protesting within ear shot or view, ignore your petitions, calls and letters, bring back styrofoam and plastic bags, sell off our public lands to private monopolies, outlaw contraception, and ask you for your “papers” while you are out for a stroll.