Flip Flopper this is such a horrible thing the Republicans hurl it at their opponents any chance they get.  It shows the canidate whoever he or she may be has no morals, no internal convictions and will say anything to anyone to sell themselves.  Flip flopper utter disdain for ethics, conflicts of interest, a whore, sell out, hypocrite.  A soulless vacuous person who talks out of both sides of their mouth no scrouples, slime, wouldn’t trust em as far as you can throw em.

Romney is a robot stuffed with talking points catering to the far, far, far right extremist who think Government should be shrunk so small you can drown it in a bath-tub.  Killing the cop on the beat privatizing all our public lands and treasure only to charge you a handling fee.  Middle men desperately trying to get in the middle and soak the middle class.  A party that thinks Ayn Rand’s nihilist world view is worthy of anything but derision and contempt.  A soulless woman sociopath who worshiped a mass murderer this is their great philosopher.

Throw Mama from the train, kick Granny under the table, cultivate a population of uneducated, underachieving neanderthals easily scared and manipulated.  Tell them that there is someone to blame the government, their neighbor, immigrants for their lack of achievement, fulfillment and happiness, and not that all the schools have been left to decay, and all the unions outlawed and all their health poisoned, and then charged astronomically to try and fix any of it.

Scumbag, empty suited outsourcer closing up businesses as we speak and shipping them overseas in the pursuit of the lowest wages possible.  They care not for anyone but their own backsides and personal wealth.  On the government payroll their whole lives preaching to the citizens that they are beneath contempt lazy and should be ashamed of taking unemployment or food stamps.  Go to the hospitals without insurance and if you are lucky enough to survive be driven into bankruptcy by six figure hospital bills and too bad you shouldn’t have been born sick or gotten sick from our polluted environment and mass marketed lifestyle.

And they so sanctimoniously swear fealty to the sanctity of life at conception but go fuck yourself the moment you are born.

Flip flopping from side to side hoping to be heard only once by a particular audience.  Bombing out nation wide until “never-mind” we are moderates now and care about all nothing more than kumbaya bullshit spewing from their two faced mouths.

Worse than used car salesmen, worse than carny hucksters they throw on a suit, put on a tie, slick back their hair and blink their eyes like crazy and swallow hard with each lie they tell their bodies betraying them.  The CIA and KGB can see it but you the voter not privy to a real streetwise education don’t have a clue.  That man sure blinks a lot, that man sure gulps a lot it’s because he is lying.

Vote republican as they throw your values overboard, reneging on their promises, raid the cookie jar of social security to charge you more fees like your phone company and debit card.

Oh yes privatize it all.  Give it to the Wall Street money changers and wonder where it all went as some guy walks down the street with your cash.  So sorry the market crashed oh didn’t you get rich like I did when I bet that it would.  They are after as many pennies from the masses as they can steal and you vote for them because they act, appear like choir boys, look we go to a church building and say god-bless how could we ever be charlatans and thieves of the public trust and treasure?  Who would do that?

Laughing all they way to the bank they siphon off our public treasure into their private offshore bank accounts.

If you want to cement your ever downward spiral out of the middle class your wages steadily shrinking sending you into poverty vote for the republican businessman who’s made his profit from other peoples misery.

If you want to be filibustered to death as the Presidents jobs bill is never even brought to the floor for a vote then vote for the republican businessman who made his profit on laid off workers.

The republican congress changed a lot of post office names but didn’t vote for one single jobs bill.  By all means we need more republicans to keep blockading progress on behalf of the mitt romneys and donald trumps of the world.

Oh whats that romney’s for abortion rights again now (10/11/12)…we must be getting close to election time.  Just starting to pay attention now my fellow voter….shame on you.  You deserve what you get.