Take a good look at this picture this is an off shore bank. Money is a tool. If it is hoarded out of National Circulation it does no one any good. No billionaire is spending this pallet of dollars. Its collecting dust earning interest for him and growing marginally bigger but still parked, warehoused, stalled in one place and out of circulation. The money needs to be recirculated back into the system and not just as investment but as daily transaction.

The middle and lower class are more active players when it comes to spending in the daily economy because of necessity.

The 1% have more than they need and therefore literally hoard the cash – pallets of it – out of circulation. That stack of cash needs to be circulating in the economy not gathering dust. Laws need to be changed from encouraging this to happen to preventing this from happening so that stack of money can be but back to work.

Like blood in our bodies cash needs to circulate throughout the market. Hoarding it, warehousing it, parking it is like having tools rust in a storage shed. For the macro economy, for governing, for productivity, for advancement in technology, research, innovation, education and the positive advancement of mankind greed is just plain stupid.