Everyone knows its just pageantry.  The television ratings are at an all time low.  The only people watching are those that are vehemently opposed to a liberal heart.  The American Public knows better that’s why the so called bump being talked about ad nauseam by the pundits and press is almost non existent as we are inundated with “advertising”.

Just as lame as buy a phone, buy a car, take a loan and the pharmaceutical commercials the old tired tricks are trotted out.  Really does anybody buy into the shock and awe flashing, distorted media and domesday music.  Who says wow what a great commercial I’m voting for that guy?

When a commercial, any commercial comes on I hit the mute button immediately and flip back over to another station, movie or weather just to avoid the pathetically crass advertising.  Does anybody sit passively through the commercials?  When watching television you need to be extremely selective.

People tune out on politics not because they are stupid but because they have a life, they know advertising is complete and utter bullshit and that politics is just a struggle for power and the possession of the fatted calf of our tax dollars.

An informed vote not one based on emotion is a choice between the haves and the have nots like clean energy vs the hyper profitable monopolies of coal, oil and nuclear power, money mangers vs the largess of the huge unorganized, docile middle class, education and opportunity vs the I’ve got mine gated communities, health and prosperity for all vs. health and enormous prosperity, and ever growing wealth for the very, very few.

Here’s my hope;  more than the environment, the wars, jobs, safe food, education, clean energy, and the reduction of man made chemicals I pray to heaven on Earth that all these billionaires pouring money into the campaign vying for power, influence and the stopping of investigations loose and loose big.

I hope beyond hope for Americas sake that it takes more than money flooding in like rains from Isaac, redistricting and vanishing voting machines to steal elections and cake walk a selfish agenda past America treating her and the public like rubes.  It was a huge mistake by the Supreme Court to allow themselves to be puppets of party politics, and a monstrous set back for America not having a President Gore.