America is not broke its being robbed! Well its true. America our Government is just a big central clearing house with tax money coming in and tax money going out. Lots of it and so we squabble like children and grab for the money like Hells Angels grabbing a Thanksgiving dinner before it hits the table. There’s no concern from the lobbyist and individual corporations for the big picture or the macro economy they just want their piece of the pie. And they will buy influence anyway they can through direct campaign donations, marketing and media.

For the record oil prices are set on the international spot market (I used to do this for a living) – the crude is bid on while at sea – no matter how much we drill we don’t have enough oil to influence the market. If we flooded the market with every last drop we have OPEC just turns on the spigot. Another factor in setting prices is Wall Street the guys bidding (gambling) on those barrels of oil out at sea to be worth more by the time they get to port. They gamble more when they see economic indicators going up (like building permits or driving season) thus driving the prices higher when good economic news is reported and forecasted.

Why the background on oil because a long time ago Mellon who financed Dupont and Dow and Hearst who influenced the population through his newspaper empire all invested in petroleum. Back in the 1930’s it was plentiful, cheap, but its not the 1930’s anymore. Heck its almost 2030. We are long past due the time we should be reconsidering our economic process and models. But the big boys have a lock on our energy sector. Prying their dead last century hands off of it is a herculean task and they have their man. Romney is against the wind tax credit. A businessman against a tax credit to spur on economic development tell me how that makes any sense? It doesn’t add up does it only if our business man is completely captured by the status quo in order to achieve his personal goals does it make any sense.

Enough with last century technologies and dirty energy, enough with the decimated environment and food chain and cancer. If you want a cheap natural resource homegrown in America there’s always Hemp Oil a much cleaner burning oil (which got structurally outlawed by Dow, DuPont, Mellon and Hearst) those guys again? Unfortunately “those guys” have the rest of us wage slaves by the you know what, and have a strangle hold on our transportation and energy sector. They do not want competition. They block competition anyway they can.

As a Country we the people need to break their monopoly on milking the middle class dry and introduce more competition. How are any free market advocates against a level playing field. When deciding who to vote for don’t listen to what a man says watch what he does. That’s the true measure of a man.

The argument of equivalency (they’re all crooks) or of equals is a false argument.

The Ryan Budget spells it all out. If you want your retirement held by brokers on Wall Street charging you yearly fees chipping away at your nest egg and “GAMBLING” with your hard earned wages then vote for privatization that’s Republican, and “privatize” social security and medicare. You’ll make the fat cats on Wall Street very happy. But I would caution that being a senior citizen its hard making a living. But it shouldn’t be hard to live as a senior. For faithfully enlisting in the system, paying your taxes and contributing to the wealth of the Nation and each other we should be taking care of our retirees as well as we should be taking care of our soldiers for doing the dirty work…very well. Living in a cardboard box under the streets is no way to say thanks for playing! I’ve got mine screw you is no way to set an example, lead or run a civilized country.

If you feel that way you have been lead astray by someone with an agenda. You are being flat out lied to and manipulated by corporate media outlets from all sides television and print for the sake of their individual bottom line and personal wealth alone. The good of the Country what a quaint idea.

The bottom line is if you make less than $250,000.00 a year you are insane for voting republican for any position President, Senator, Congressman, Governor, or even Dog Catcher. You are not the 1% they represent to get elected. And their incestuous strangle hold on the economy is not good for the country.

Don’t be manipulated emotionally with social issues. Its a rouse, a red herring, a means to an end, a way to get elected and get in the big power game. Always, always know it will always be about grabbing, stealing that pool of our tax money that we dutifully, and patriotically send to the government coffers. How do you want that money to be used is who you vote for. Should it continue to go to the people who don’t need it and move it out of the Country taking it out of our National economy or should it go to making this Country a better, healthier place to live? That’s the question and that’s the choice.