The republicans block progress.  It’s because they represent the status quo and the status quo doesn’t want competition in the form of new ideas, new technologies or new businesses cutting into their piece of the pie.

If Clinton, Gore, and Obama were allowed to lead we wouldn’t have 10% unemployment and the grid and infrastructure improvements including roof top gardens, suburban solar panels, retrofitting downtown areas and windmills would be all booming markets.  We also might have a medicare for all buy in but the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry are protecting their turf tooth and nail.

Instead we are stuck with the old ways tariff protected pharmaceuticals keeping generics off the market and prices high.  Oil industry and unregulated Wall Street doing the same dance, going through the same old motions while Colorado burns, Granny’s pension has been wiped out and the displaced and structurally unemployed live on food stamps.  Its all to protect the status quo who are too lazy and too greedy to let anyone else make a buck or gear up for the new economy.

An energy company with vision would be pushing for solar and wind instead of more pipelines and leaky rigs.  But that’s their business model and its easier to play stall ball four corners, delay, delay, delay in anyway shape or form than redesign a business model that is already ridiculously hyper profitable.

Why do it all?  Well because the rest of the country is polluted, sick and out of work – who cares – the status quo has got theirs and their focus is based on the microeconomics of their particular business not the macroeconomics of a national economy.  That’s supposed to be the gov’ts job.

But the republicans and blue dogs block progress anyway they can when a Lewinsky or hanging chad drops into their laps they run with it.  When a democrat gets elected they know whats coming and they fight hard for the old guard who fund their campaigns.

Whats good for GE is not good for the rest of the country when they are promoting war, polluting the Hudson, and monopolizing market sectors to charge higher prices.  We need to explode that myth.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home