Let me see if I get the arch defenders of oil subsidies and the haters of the President right.  We aren’t supposed to do any R&D in alternative clean energy because……we want to be beholden to foreign countries, because its not a national security issue, because pollution is healthy for us, because…..the status quo makes money when we drill until the very last drop comes out of our sovereign territory.  Okay good for those few people.

In the meantime we destroy our coasts, food supply and billion dollar tourist and fishing industry and never affect the international spot market while the commodity traders bid up the price of oil when economic signs are good.  We create a few jobs maybe in the hundreds with a few more platforms 15 guys a platform and aren’t we smart.

Or we could build electric cars, install solar panels everywhere, retrofit every building, install wind turbines, wave generators, geothermal and invest heavily in our national infrastructure with mass transit creating millions upon millions of jobs generating a dynamic surplus.  And plow that surplus back into education to create the best work force in the world. Sounds like a terrible idea.

But no the politicians want dumb people to manipulate with false advertising. Don’t think for yourself just follow. Resistance is futile assimilation is necessary.

Who would want to do an all the above energy strategy it’s obviously favoring one side over the other. We might sell less oil but who would care about that the guys selling the oil paying to elect politicians…nah they’re not desperately trying to protect their 100 year old last century business model going the way of Kodak?

I agree with the entrenched just say no, bigoted and scared. We should just curl up in the fetal position not try anything new at all and let the extraction companies do what they want.  They won’t try and circumvent the system for personal gain or run rough shod over us. Hey as long as .0075 percent of the people are getting hyper rich I’m all for it the heck with old people, the sick and disabled. Let em rot in the street.

They failed at being the rugged individual.  It’s the American way. That good ol’ American mindset big fat business man blowhard act is just like a cowboy movie.  Acting and its severely sociopathic.  In the end macroeconomics -reality- has to be dealt with.  The truth will out and the crooks, chicken hawks and pigs at the trough cry like babies. Wah, wah where’s my easy answer I’m scared of change, learning or doing anything new. LOL – some tough guys! Here comes the future….Boo!

Journey Home – Paul Burke