Environmentalist here: We understand the individuals need for goodness sake Robert Redford made the beautiful movie A River Runs Through It about fly fishing.  Bob is a huge environmentalist.  What the middle and left oppose is violence for violence sake.  What we understand is the balance of nature.  With over 7 Billion people on the planet we have to keep run away degradation at bay.  What would be excellent is if the individual sportsmen and hunters came out against long line fishing the indiscriminate sweeping of the oceans, factory farming which spreads disease and destroys our waterways, or smokestack pollution which spreads mercury and lead poisoning, or even voluntarily took the lead out of lures, shot gun shells and buck shot.  Because as you know the woods and other predators feed on kill that’s left behind.

Speak up for common sense regulation as passionately as you advocate for the right to carry a weapon and together the left, right and center can “govern” better.  It’s not the individual its the permanent incorporation of individuals that create the biggest foot print.  Culling herds, actually using what you kill for food  its all part of the environmental chain.  But mass destruction like what occurred to the buffalo out on the great plains is short sighted.  We environmentalist also realize guns, weapons are a huge business but the bigger the business the more potential it has to do horrific destruction whether its Columbine, VCU or Monsanto altering our food with herbicides and pesticides.

Speak up for other issues as loudly as you can regarding the overall general well being and balance of the very environment that actually sustains us and then maybe more people will appreciate the individual sportsman’s point of view.  Until then you just sound like your right to shed blood and wander around in the woods alone trumps everything else.  Remember these are public lands and as much as you ridicule the east and west coast cities that’s where the majority of the population lives and the majority of the tax revenues come from.  Tax revenues that get dispersed throughout all 50 states.

Government is not the problem pitting left versus right citizen against citizen is the problem and those that do that practice the art of deception.  Greed is the problem profit over health is the problem.  It always has been and always will be a question of balance.  Government is the cop on the beat that is supposed to manage that balance in the market place and keep it running smoothly for everyone.  Single issue campaigns/voters/advocacy groups screw up the works.  There’s a bigger picture that needs to be taken into account its complex and interrelated and requires cooperation.