Getting your house in order is math not politics. Revenue and income versus expenditures. Create a low overhead live below your means and have plenty of cash to spare. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

Or you can be a mindless mummy and buy everything you see on TV. How about a Lexus and a Big Screen TV and don’t forget the McMansion. Congratulations on being a big fucking deal. You’re now a deadbeat and house poor. Ever hear of that phrase before-house poor. Your credit cards are for emergencies not your seventeenth pair of shoes, your thirteenth sweater or a jet ski.

So the Tea Party (corporate) is against tax reforms which can raise more revenue and be fairer that’s what the hold up is regarding the current manufactured crisis in Washington. Corporate (Tea Party) doesn’t want to give up their tax loopholes and lowest in the land tax rates.

Unfortunately the credit cards are due and we have to pay our debts from the two wars that Bush held off the books. Obama put them back on the books – that jerk and his stupid accountability and transparency.

Other maneuvers by Bush and Cheney historically include the “starve the beast” tax cuts a favorite religious mantra since Regan, and medicare part D. How come republicans never care about this stuff when they are in office and make the democratic party clean it up when they win election? Its a stupid game isn’t it and played by stupid people who apparently aren’t very good at math.

I agree with comments about pork and congressmen not being able to control themselves, and I would like to see a leaner meaner government. But I realize you can not run a continental sized country from sea to shining sea of 300 million plus people on a Caribbean island sized budget. Drowning the cop in the bathtub is a bad idea for holding the rich, powerful and corruptible accountable.

I would also add that if we are going to let the inner city public schools crumble and only offer low paying, low skill jobs to 80% of the public then we better make sure they have enough to put a roof over their heads and bread on the table for their entire lives. Desperate people do desperate things and crime goes up.

You might say – so what lock them in jail – but its far more expensive to keep a person in jail (50k a year) and train them to be even more violent and deviant than it is to provide them with an education and upward mobility. In that scenario the productivity of the whole country goes up the demand for goods and services go up and health care costs go down. Who would want that?

Apparently the status quo wants a third world country with a small segment of privileged rich white people calling the shots (think South Africa) or do we want a vibrant democracy firing on all cylinders?

Racism in all its many forms across the board religious racism, racism against skin color, cultural racism, gender racism is counter productive, has been and will continue to be so. Something the ruthless right hasn’t figured out yet. But its time to grow up not only in America but throughout the world, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Then and only then will we have our house in order. The clock is ticking, and the whistle is screaming.