Solar World Round Up – Presidents Day Special

I’ll say it again it’s all kabuki theater to divide and conquer. The powers that be will try to string out dirty oil’s business model, but with REAL alternatives why the hell would any one want to destroy their tax base by ruining the beaches and tourism trade with offshore drilling?

Kabuki theater but everyone must play no matter how much influence you have you have a vote and a voice so make it heard. I’ve got news for the rabid corporate funded tea party people waving guns and drawing Hitler mustaches on their President. The President is not the enemy of their own sad misfortune.

They and the middle class have been marginalized by the corporatist the people who worship at the feet of corporate america as if the status quo gave a damn about them.

The only thing the status quo cares about is their profit margin and if that means freezing your wages, increasing your work week, cutting your benefits, polluting your water, contaminating your food and depleting all of our resources through overfishing and clear cutting or charging you more for your health care then too bad sucker you were born poor and have forgotten the golden rule. The guy with the gold makes the rules.

But even the corporatist know that health care reform has to happen because it cost even them too much. Don’t look at the donut look at the hole and ignore the kabuki theater.

While corporate media is snoozing and telling you only the story THEY want you to hear the story that will make them more money the rest of the world is evolving.

SOLAR WORLD ROUND UP – President’s Day Version 2/15/10

French Nuclear Power Company Acquires Solar Thermal Systems Manufacturer
A news release said the acquisition of Ausra “launches Areva’s new global solar energy business.” The market for concentrated solar plants is expected to …

NTPC to foray into solar power projects
Photo: GP Sampath Kumar The National Thermal Power Corporation is set to enter the solar power generation field in a big way with a plan to develop four …

Nigeria: Nexim, Others to Work On Renewable Energy
He said that NEXIM and its partners would support hydro power energy generation, solar energy generation, thermal energy generation, biofuels and biomass …

Indian photovoltaic production capacity tops 1 GW per year
… solar power generation by almost ten times by 2013 through a combination of PV and other technologies like solar thermal or steam-based generation. …

Testing begins on Advanced Parabolic Trough Solar Radiation
The testing is designed to assess performance efficiency under commercial operating conditions before being deployed at proposed solar thermal energy power plants throughout the world.

Redesign the Paradigm » Solar Thermal as an Option to Fossil Fuels
Solar thermal energy (STE) systems utilize high temperature collectors that reflect concentrated sunlight collected from mirrors or lenses. The resulting solar radiation (heat) is focused to specific collection points. …

Solar power to come to Covington

In addition, The Center will receive a solar thermal water heater from the company Apricus Solar Water Heating. Hannah Solar CEO Pete Marne said his company …

US Senate considers legislation for 10m solar roofs
A US Senator has introduced legislation to incent more than 10 million solar electric and solar thermal systems over the next decade. …

Geothermal Heating – Renewable Energy That Saves 70% On Your … is a great resource for any more information on renewable heating technologies, such as geothermal heating, solar thermal, solar electricity, dx geothermal, radiant heat, and hybrid system design. …

SoCal power authority partnering with Ice Energy to reduce peak energy demand

Other methods of energy storage include flywheels, compressed air, pumped storage, and solar thermal. Flywheels store power in the form of rotational energy …

There is a lot going on people and Fox News, Corporate Network News and all other Status Quo Channels of Information won’t tell you about it until they learn how to make a buck off of it – in the meantime the future evolves right before our eyes and would be here already if not for the status quo milking their outdated technologies and crippling business models. Drill baby drill – that’s right but drill down on education or you will be the unwitting dupes manipulated and fleeced by big daddy corporatist and their push to outlaw governance for the people, by the people.

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