Joe Lieberman is a Piece of Shit

…and always has been – for the record Sen. Lieberman has long been known to cultivate the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which provide jobs in his home state and contributions to his campaign fund.

His wife, Hadassah joined Hill & Knowlton last year. The legendary lobbying and PR firm hired her as a “senior counselor” in its “health and pharmaceuticals practice.”

Lieberman is beyond contempt and a real slimy piece of shit. The contempt for him is real. This move “IF” the wormy, mealy mouthed, flip flopper, sticks to his word (he never does) but if he does lead a filibuster to prevent a VOTE on healthcare this will be Joe’s last act as a politician. He will get run out of the Senate and Connecticut. What a bunch of intellectual lightweights and misfits that re-elected him. I can tell you one thing he’s not much of an independent. He’s a hack for the Status Quo and his days are numbered.

Here’s his website – give the complete piece of shit a piece of your mind.